ThreeXThree Cards – Arisa van Timbre – v1.0

So it’s a mermaid, yep! And another one with less quality than usual. Maybe I’ll post lineart concepts for a while until I’ll have more time again.

I’m totally flashed by the beautiful mermaids done in the Shantae game series. So I decided to draw my own maiden of the seas but I wasn’t satisfied with the ideas I got until one day. While I had to learn for a test, my mind started to go fuzzy and created the idea of an elegant like mermaid doing something cool with less action. Tadaaa, she drinks alcoholics on her waterbed. Yep, it’s a waterbed. You’ll see if the colouration is done and final. ^_~
Arisa van Timbre will replace card #10 “Into the Pool” from current version 1.1 of the game.

Some statistics:
– 42 cards in total (latest game version 1.1)
– 18 new characters created
– 9 of them for complete new cards
– 9 of them to replace old cards
– expected total amount -> 51 cards