ThreeXThree Cards – Akasha – v1.2

Update: 07.08.2017
And here it is with flat colours and the new presentation design.

Update: 27.05.2017
I changed the lower half. The dress floats smoother, the perspective of her feet is correct now, shoes have changed, lifted the right (left from your p.o.v.) arm and added some more details to the dress and stockings.

This time the concept quality is less because it took me a while to get an image for this character into my head. (… and I had to try some techniques for the background)
But, like it is with all the concept graphics I make for the game. One day they will become beautiful.

By the way! It’s fathers day and Akasha here doesn’t have to do anything with it. Sooo, wellllll, just imagine she is a beloved and well equiped father. Because she is a goddess, she can be everything in your imagination. ^_~
Akasha will replace card #33 “Sun” from current version 1.1 of the game.

Some statistics:
– 43 cards in total (latest game version 1.1)
– 20 new characters created
– 9 of them for complete new cards
– 11 of them to replace old cards
– expected total amount -> 51 cards