ThreeXThree Cards – Devi – v1.0

Devi is an other of 20 characters I originally made for the game Ballfighter. I don’t know if this game will be published ever because it has nothing to do with EastForge. So, I invited her to Three X Three.

I got the idea of an sexy evil hated by their own clan. What if a daughter doesn’t measure her fathers and own races expectations, was the question I got in mind and created Devi. She loves to help but is forced to do bad things – what a tragedy!

Three X Three needs more cards with original images. Therefore we want to publish weekly at least one new picture in concept quality. In addition you learn more about the new planned cards.

Some statistics:
– 43 cards in total (latest game version 1.1)
– 20 new characters created
– 9 of them for complete new cards
– 11 of them to replace old cards
– expected total amount -> 51 cards