ThreeXThree Cards – Bridal Pair – v1.1

Update 20.07.2017:
I finished the shading, added effects, as well as a background and did minor changes. The bride has a new, more flowerish, bridal bouquet. Because I need at least two cards finished for the GC (Gamescom), I decided to start with this one. Well, I love the result.

A new card of the category “mirror”, but this time it’s the offensive version. Like the defensive version the Bridal Pair has no own values. The great difference between defensive and offensive version is that the offensive mirror category can copy other cards values just once while attacking them.

Three x Three needs more cards with original images. Therefore we want to publish weekly at least one new picture in concept quality. In addition you learn more about the new planned cards.

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– 42 cards in total (latest game version 1.1)
– 19 new characters created
– 9 of them for complete new cards
– 10 of them to replace old cards
– expected total amount -> 51 cards